Know before you lend

Smart lending starts with accessing as much reliable data about potential debtors as possible.

Lien Solutions offers complete national searching services for loan- and lease-related documentation.

Powered by our web-based iLien service, you can search online for the documents you need, or you can order documents and certified searches through our manual offerings.

We’re able to connect you to corporate and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) public records from every state. We support both one-time and recurring search and enable you to create and manage search packages as well as perform multijurisdictional searches.

Providing comprehensive lien management, debtor due diligence and monitoring and risk management solutions, Lien Solutions works with lenders, corporations and other lending organizations to help protect and optimize your security interests.

Solution overview

UCC Search

Conduct your due diligence with the most advanced, automated suite of search tools: UCC search records, tax liens, debtor searches and more.

Bankruptcy and Litigation

Our bankruptcy searches make you aware of potentially damaging histories – so you can respond quickly and correctly.

Corporate Business Entity Search

Track key data, including modifications of business partners, corporate name or identification number, failure to file taxes and other critical information.

Federal Tax Lien Search & State Lien Search

Use specialty searches to monitor tax liens placed by state and federal agencies on real estate, personal property and financial assets.

Lien Solutions is the unsurpassed market leader in UCC filings and searches and a pioneer of UCC filing automation.